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Maybe it's a massive building site. Or perhaps it's a little landscape project in your backyard. Whether it comes in a bucket, a pickup truck or a huge semi trailer, we're here for your materials recycling needs on Maui!

While you're helping to keep inert materials OUT of the landfill, you're also doing your budget a favor when you purchase recycled gravel, rock, topsoil, sand and asphalt from us! At Hawai‘i Materials Recycling, we offer extremely competitive pricing and lower tipping fees than the landfill, along with clean, quality products for sale. As you'll see in this video, we make it easy, so you can drop off and pick up materials in one trip.

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Did you know that in just five years, Hawai‘i Materials Recycling has received more than 800,000 TONS (that's 1.6 billion pounds if you're doing the math!) of concrete, asphalt, rock and dirt from across Maui? These inert materials would have otherwise ended up in the landfill (the last place that reusable materials belong!). This massive undertaking has been made possible by a long list of construction customers, including P.B. Sullivan, Goodfellow Bros., Kīhei Gardens and Crescent Custom Homes. Our Kīhei facility welcomes clean construction waste, then recycles it into aggregate material like landscape rock, asphalt, gravel, topsoil, sand and much more, ready for pick-up at extremely competitive prices. In the video above, learn more about what you can bring and what you can get at our Maui recycling site!

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At Hawai’i Materials Recycling, we welcome your clean inert materials which include concrete, asphalt, rock, dirt and sand.  We then transform these into quality recycled products for building and landscape projects, large and small!  Our LEED-certified materials meet industry-standard specifications and can lesson your carbon footprint as you drop off and pick up at the same location!

In fact, did you know our efforts have diverted more than 484,905 TONS of recycled material from the landfill or fugitive dumping since we started up in 2018?  We’re very proud of that!  Learn more from Jenny Sullivan about why all of this matters to us. 

So that’s a little about what we are.  And we feel it’s important to clarify what are not.

In short, we are not a landfill.  We are not a quarry.  We don’t blast resources from the earth and we don’t accept hazardous waste, rubbish, and green waste.  On Maui, the county landfill is the main place for this.

There is a lot that sets Hawai’i Material Recycling apart from the landfill. 

Here are a few important points. First, our prices!  At Hawai’i Material Recycling, our tipping fees are considerably lower than the county landfill.  Depending on where you’re coming from, stopping by our site might also save you in transport costs…or may be worth it regardless of your location, due to our low tipping fees and ease of operation! We only accept the clean construction materials mentioned above; we follow screening protocols to ensure materials meet our standards and are not contaminated.  As an example, we don’t accept lead painted concrete.

We remain accountable and track where material originates from.  We have simple, downloadable forms for you to accomplish this.

We’re known for making the process easy, fast and efficient.  Our staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, forms can be completed ahead of time or on-site, and we do our best to keep things moving along swiftly to get you back on your way!

We’re open later for your convenience!  While the county only accepts C&D (construction and demolition) waste until 1 p.m. on weekdays, we’re open Monday through Friday until 4:00 p.m. Visit us at our convenient site off East Welakahao Road in Kīhei — we think you’ll experience a difference significant enough to keep you coming back.  Whether you’re dropping off, picking up or both, we’re here to help bring a sense of ease to your projects, your pocketbook, your business and our earth!

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