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There are times it's important to say NO. Our experienced engineers and scientists know when that is. We do not accept materials that contain pesticides and contaminants. Our fully-permitted facility adheres to county and state regulations, and we take proper steps for all materials, from sourcing and tracing to documenting and reporting. This applies to our concrete, asphalt, rock, dirt and sand.

"Anybody who purchases from us can feel confident that we are 100% certified in clean materials coming in AND going out," says Jenny Sullivan with Hawai‘i Materials Recycling.

To us, quality products and responsible processes matter. This video shares more on how we go to great lengths to ensure our recycled materials remain clean and safe.

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Maybe it's a massive building site. Or perhaps it's a little landscape project in your backyard. Whether it comes in a bucket, a pickup truck or a huge semi trailer, we're here for your materials recycling needs on Maui!

While you're helping to keep inert materials OUT of the landfill, you're also doing your budget a favor when you purchase recycled gravel, rock, topsoil, sand and asphalt from us! At Hawai‘i Materials Recycling, we offer extremely competitive pricing and lower tipping fees than the landfill, along with clean, quality products for sale. As you'll see in this video, we make it easy, so you can drop off and pick up materials in one trip.

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Did you know that in just five years, Hawai‘i Materials Recycling has received more than 800,000 TONS (that's 1.6 billion pounds if you're doing the math!) of concrete, asphalt, rock and dirt from across Maui? These inert materials would have otherwise ended up in the landfill (the last place that reusable materials belong!). This massive undertaking has been made possible by a long list of construction customers, including P.B. Sullivan, Goodfellow Bros., Kīhei Gardens and Crescent Custom Homes. Our Kīhei facility welcomes clean construction waste, then recycles it into aggregate material like landscape rock, asphalt, gravel, topsoil, sand and much more, ready for pick-up at extremely competitive prices. In the video above, learn more about what you can bring and what you can get at our Maui recycling site!

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