Step 1

Call Hawaii Materials Recycling LLC, the sooner the better.  Because we are one of the few true recycling facilities on Maui and material that arrives at our site will be recycled before being dispersed to the public we must follow certain state guidelines.  To make everything easier for everyone on Maui to safely recycle material such as Soil, Rock, Concrete and Asphalt calling ahead for a FREE Informational appointment is required before delivery of material.  

  • Information needed when you call is project name, address/TMK #, Generator's contact information, land owners contact information and the type of material to be tested.  

  • Hawaii Material Recycling employees will be able to determine inspection requirements for your jobsite and if additional steps are required. 

Step 2

Complete and submit the Incoming Material Profile Form.  This form only needs to be completed once for the jobsite. 

  • Because it is a requirement to call before delivering material to Hawaii Material Recycling we are able to fill out majority of the information on all forms making the process of helping Maui become more sustainable as painless as possible. 

Step 3

A Qualified Environmental reviews the Incoming Material Profile Form and the jobsite.  

  • This step is to ensure there are no hazardous materials being processed and distributed to the public

Submit the Request for Clearance Number Form

  • The clearance number that Hawaii Materials Recycling generates will be used throughout the entirety of the project to track where material is coming from. 

Step 4

Step 5

A Solid Waste Manifest Is completed for each truck load brought to Hawaii Materials Recycling for the purpose of tracking incoming material.