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How To Recycle

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To see a list of our accepted and not accepted materials please click here.

As we are the only fully permitted inert materials recycling facility on Maui, we are obligated to ensure the materials brought to us are free of hazardous contaminants that could get co-mingled in our recycling process. The following steps must be followed as part of our permit process:

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To ensure a smooth process we ask that you download the Clearance Request Form, fill it out and return it to us at



Step One

Call 808-856-6231
or email

Provide us with the project name, address and/or TMK#, contact information and the type of material you will be bringing to Hawaii Materials Recycling.

Step Two

With your help,
Hawaii Materials Recycling will complete the Incoming Material Profile Form.

Step Three

Our Qualified Environmental Specialist reviews the Incoming Material Profile Form and the jobsite.  

Step Four

Once your job is approved by the Environmental Specialist, a Clearance Number is issued and a Solid Waste Manifest is completed for each truck load brought to Hawaii Materials Recycling for the purpose of tracking incoming material.

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