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What Is "Intert Material"?

Updated: May 23, 2023

In our industry, the term “inert materials” is pretty common. But not everyone is aware of what it means, so we thought we’d expand!

Inert construction materials are chemically-stable substances used in building, landscaping and so forth. They don’t easily undergo chemical reactions or changes, making them reliable, popular and prime for reuse and should NEVER be landfilled. Here are some qualities you’ll typically find in these types of materials:

  • Strong & durable

  • Don’t degrade quickly or easily

  • Reliable in harsh environments & weather

For instance, concrete is a combination of cement, sand, gravel and water that forms a very hard and durable material. Another example, asphalt, is considered a sustainable paving solution made from a mix of mineral aggregates, liner and filler. The resulting mixture is designed to be stable, dense and easy to work with. Rock, dirt and sand are natural elements with varying degrees of size, texture and porosity (space for air or water to flow).

We accept all of the above materials at our site as they can be recycled and reused!

Our crushers have the capability to turn these materials into reusable, reliable products like different types and sizes of gavel, landscape rock and even topsoil. Since we’re not a quarry, we do not blast the earth and take from it, the materials we have for sale are a direct result of the original products we receive. The more people choose to bring us their rock, dirt, concrete and asphalt, the more we can encourage the quarries to minimize the scar on the earth.

In our commitment to environmental responsibility, there are certain things we can not accept, which include hazardous waste, trash, lead paint, and green waste. We often get calls asking about other types of recycling, like electronics, cardboard, cans and metal. We specialize in construction/inert materials, however we strongly encourage all recycling, whenever possible! There is a County E-Waste Recycling Program for electronics and recycle/redemption sites across the island. You can also call the Maui County Recycling Hotline at (808) 270-7880. As far as green waste, that can go to Kihei Compost or a new operation West Maui Green Cycle, who is accepting green waste, food scraps, unwaxed cardboard and 100% compostable #7 food service products. Reach out to them to learn more!

No matter the amount of rock, dirt, concrete or asphalt, we want it! So give us a call at 808-856-6231 or send us an email with specific questions or requests!

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